Annual Multi Trip SPECIAL OFFER

As a result of the Covid 19 Coronavirus pandemic, we know that you may be hesitating from arranging your next annual multi trip policy, so we have agreed with insurers that you can arrange one with us up to the end of April 2020 and benefit from an extra 2 months of cover.

You will get 14 months for the price of 12


You can arrange new cover online which will provide the normal 12 months cover period. Once you have arranged a policy and received your documents, please contact us by email with details of your new policy and we will add the extra 2 months for you. Unfortunately, the website will not do this automatically.

This is a special offer whilst the Government travel ban is in place, enabling you to set up a policy without losing out on any travel time.
Our office is closed given the recent "lock down" so you can only take up this offer online.

Over 20 years of Experience we'll ensure you always get the best Deal.