Business as Usual

We wanted to let you know what we are doing at this time, surrounding the ongoing Government restrictions on movement and non essential travel.

As you may expect, we at Global Travel Insurance are all able to work from home, so all of our staff are continuing to work, from their homes. This will continue until the Government relax the restrictions, a measure that we wholeheartedly support.

That means that the office premises are closed and that we are unable to take telephone calls.  We would ask that you send us an email or contact us through our website or Facebook page instead of telephoning us as you may normally do.  This is a temporary measure so we hope that you will support us through this situation until we can all return to the office.

If you want to know about how your policy may be affected, or any other information about the effect of the Pandemic, please visit our page covid-19-coronavirus-update-16-march-2020 where you will find lots of information.

Given the present restrictions on all international travel, it is difficult to imagine when the travel industry will return to its former self, but rest assured, we are well able to weather this storm as the company is healthy. So we will be here when things get better and hope that all of our customers will return to us as quickly as you left.

Stay safe, maintain distancing and we will see you at the end of the tunnel!

Yours sincerely

Philip Bacon, Mananging Director

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