COVID 19 Coronavirus

COVID 19 Coronavirus

COVID 19 Coronavirus

Before you telephone us, as many people are doing, please note the following information about travel and how your insurance is opertative

1                 In the event that you contract the virus whilst on holiday, you are covered for medical expenses as would be the case for any illness contracted abroad.

2                 In the event of your becoming ill with this virus before travel and being certified as unfit to travel, you are insured as normal.

3                 In the event of FCO travel restrictions, your travel firm is contractually obliged to refund your holiday costs in full or offer an alternative trip, so this is not an insurance matter.

4                 Your insurance does not cover disinclination to travel, irresepctive of the reason.

In the event that you are quarantined by compulsory order, whether before you travel or during your trip, you are covered for the risk of cancellation and the additional cost of accomodation and travel following your extended stay.

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