UK Holiday Cancellation

If you are considering hiring a country cottage or a seaside villa, or booking accomodation on one of the many holiday parks in the UK for a great "staycation", then this is the policy for you to protect the full value of the booking irrespective of the number of people inlcuded.




The following represent the Significant and Key Features of the policy including Exclusions and Limitations that apply per person. 

A full copy of the policy document is available on request.  



 This insurance provides cancellation insurance for a single pre booked UK holiday booking up to a maximum sum insured of £5,000 and for up to a maximum number of 8 persons per unit of accommodation.

 A separate policy may be purchased for additional units of accommodation beyond the maximum.



You and anyone else to be insured do not have to declare your medical conditions.



If you have to cancel your trip due to

a)       death, bodily injury, illness, disease or complications of pregnancy.

b)       redundancy,

c)        jury service,

d)       the police requiring you to remain at or return to your home due to serious damage to your home,

you are covered against loss of pre booked UK travel and accommodation costs, up to the overall cost of your booking stated in the Application form.


There is a Policy Excess of £50 per booking, limited to £25 for claims arising from a loss of deposit only.

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