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We put you, the customer, first in all that we do. When you call us, you will speak to a real person - right away.

You will receive a personal service that is all too rare, which is just one of the reasons that many customers come back to us time and again and refer their friends!

Our entire range of products are suitable for everyone and any trip, so please do have a look at the policies and get your quotations.

Getting prices and buying the insurance is very easy, another thing that our customers are always telling us!


Established in 1997, we are now in our 25th year of providing travel insurance, so we hope that our longevity proves that we truly know what travel insurance is all about! There may be cheaper products available, but always chose carefully as the cheapest option is invariably not the best when it comes to the cover provided.

It's All about you

At Global Travel Insurance, we aim to bring to you a range of specialist travel insurance products, designed for everyone including older travellers and those with pre existing medical conditions.

If you are unsure about which product is best for you and after having read the summary of cover pages, please dont hesitate to call us where you can speak to a real person every time, a person who you will find extremely helpful and above all, highly knowledgable in our products and travel insurance generally.

We have been providing specialist travel insurance products since 1997 and are confient that we have the right product for you!


Office Telephones 

At the moment, we are having to operate restricted hours in dealing with telephone calls.  During this period, our telephones are answered between 09.30 am and 14.30 pm, Monday to Friday other than public holidays when we are closed. Our voicemail service may also be in operation during these times. 

You may also contact us through our website or by email at  



This year we are closing the office on Friday 17 December and will re-open on Tuesday 4 January. 

Over 20 years of Experience we'll ensure you always get the best Deal.

Epidemic and Pandemic covered - including Covid 19

Epidemic and Pandemic covered - including Covid 19

Epidemic and Pandemic covered - including Covid 19

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