Business Travel Insurance

Our Company Business Travel Insurance product has been developed by us with our underwriters to provide a highly valuable resource to companies looking to arrange annual travel insurance for employees that travel abroad on business trips.


Automatically Included

  • Holiday Travel and Winter Sports Extension automatically covered for All Directors or Partners, their Partner(s) and Dependant Child(ren)
  • Corporate Guests and Sub-Contractors automatically covered whilst travelling on behalf of the Insured
  • Personal Baggage wording on a ‘replacement’ basis
  • No pre-existing medical condition exclusions (provided they are not travelling contrary to medical advice, to obtain treatment or after a terminal prognosis)



Business Advantage is not available:-

  • If there have been claims in the last three years, or incidents that could have given rise to a claim had this Insurance been in force.
  • To client’s with trips lasting more than 31 days
  • To sole traders
  • Heavy Manual or Hazardous Trades (such as offshore work, construction and haulage), actors, armed forces and professional sports


See the policy wording for the definition of an Insured Journey being either an Internal or External Journey. Where a business trip extends to include incidental holiday, such cover is automatically included for all Directors and Employees. Free Holiday cover is included for Director’s and their accompanying Spouse and Children.


SECTION and SUM INSURED per Insured Person per Insured Journey

Accidental Death/Loss of Eyes, Limbs, Speech, Hearing, Permanent Total Disablement Up to £50,000

Cancellation, Curtailment, Travel Disruption Expenses - Up to £10,000

Employee Replacement Expenses - Up to £7,500

Personal Baggage, Business Items and Money - Up to £7,500

Medical Expenses and Repatriation - Up to £10,000,000

Personal Liability - Up to £2,000,000

Hi-jack, Kidnap and Kidnap for Ransom - Up to £250,000

Travel Delay - Up to £750

Rental Vehicle Excess Waiver - Up to £250

Political and Natural Disaster Evacuation Expenses - Up to £15,000

Holiday Travel and Winter Sports Extension - Automatically covered for all Directors and Partners of the Insured

NUMBER OF TRIPS TAKEN ANNUALLY                                ANNUAL PREMIUM                           

 (e.g. 3 people travelling to Spain for 5 days equates to 3 trips)

Up to             20           Worldwide Trips                                  £250

Up to             40           Worldwide Trips                                  £270

Up to             60           Worldwide Trips                                  £370

Up to             80           Worldwide Trips                                  £490

Up to             125         Worldwide Trips                                  £760

Up to             150         Worldwide Trips                                  £910

All Premiums exclusive of Insurance Premium Tax (IPT).   Rates shown are for non manual workers. Contact us for additional rates for manual work.



The quotation will be issued on the basis that you meet certain criteria. If you cannot confirm the statements below are true for your business, then please contact us so that we can provide you with a bespoke quotation.

•    You are not a Sole Trader

•    You are a UK Registered Company

•    Your business is none of the following

Airline; Charity or Aid Relief; Construction: building, roofing, scaffolding, steeplejacks; Entertainment: actors, musicians and singers; Emergency services: ambulance, police, fire, search and rescue; Farmers; Media: journalists, radio and television presenters; Shipping: dockworkers, ships crews; Skip and crane hire; Professional and Semi-Professional sports; Transport: haulage, bus, coach, courier service, taxi; 

Please contact us separately if you are undertaking any of these occupations as we may be able to provide a bespoke quotation

•    You / the Insured have not had any incidents, accidents or travel claims (meaning business travel or Director’s holiday travel claims) within the past three years

•    Your Directors/Employees are not

       – Permanently seconded overseas

       – Undertaking trips longer than 31 days duration

       – Working on offshore platforms

       – Piloting an aircraft

       – Travelling to any areas of unrest (where the Foreign and Commonwealth office advise against all travel

       – Transacting business with any Country where financial or trade sanctions are in force

You can obtain an Application Form by clicking the link on this page to the Application Form

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