Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is cover provided for COVID-19 ?

Yes, all of our products now include cancellation, curtailment and medical cover should you contract COVID-19 or other epidemic/pandemic disease.

2. Do I need to go through a medical screening?

Using our SINGLE TRIP product, there is no need for medical screening unless, within the last 12 months, you - (1) were referred for tests, investigations, treatment or surgery, or were awaiting the results of any referral; (2) attended or were due to attend a hospital or clinic as an outpatient or inpatient; (3) received treatment or saw a medical practitioner for a medical condition; or (4) were prescribed medication; unless the condition(s) has (have) been declared to and accepted by us in writing.  You will need to check the requirements for other products by reviewing the relevant summary of cover. Do check the main health exclusions to make sure that your circumstances are not excluded. Other products may require screening for any trips, please check the summary of cover pages.

3. Do I need to see my doctor before I travel?

If you have a pre existing illness and want to make sure that it is covered, you may need to make an appointment to see your GP and seek from him/her confirmation that you are fit to travel on the specific trip and that such confirmation is recorded on your notes. Written confirmation is not essential. You do not need to tell us that you have done it. Our Single Trip product simply stipulates that in the event of a claim, insurers will contact your doctor to establish that you would have been declared fit to travel had they been consulted.

4. What kind of medical conditions are automatically excluded?

Under most travel policies you will find that they do not cover claims arising from any Terminal Illness. Neither may they cover conditions that have been diagnosed in the last 12 months (prior to buying the insurance) or from any condition that has been subject to any intervention or procedure. Also excluded are conditions for which you are on a waiting list or are awaiting results of tests or is as yet undiagnosed. Do check the summary pages to the left for a full description of the cover provided.

5. Do I need to enter a screening reference when buying online?

If screening is a requirement for your trip, once completed you will be given a reference which you can enter. You will receive written confirmation of what has been agreed, directly from the screening company.

6. Can I insure for a Cruise?

All of our products cover cruises. Single Trip covers up to £2,000 for cancellation, so is suitable for cruises up to that value. Single Trip PREMIER provides up to £5,000 cancellation cover, so is more suitable for values between £1,501 and £5,000. Also includes other cruise specific cover. Both products offer a Cruise Cover top up with extra essential sections for a small additional premium.

7. How can I extend my existing insurance?

If you are insured with us for your trip and need to extend the period of insurance as you have extended your travel, you need to contact us in good time by email or phone. We will need to take some basic details and can then confirm the price. We will then need to email details to you and seek an email response to confirm your instructions. We can then take payment and alter your policy. A new schedule will be emailed to you to confirm.

8. How do I renew my Multi Trip insurance?

We will send you an email using the email address that you used when buying the insurance, inviting you to renew your insurance. This will be sent at least 1 month from your expiry date. There is no actual renewal process with this type of insurance so all you need to do is go online and buy another policy which will then run for a further full 12 months. If you applied by post originally, we will send you a renewal letter with a new form enabling you to apply for a further 12 months cover.